Friday, August 24, 2007

New Stop Sign

Updated Below

I've been up and down South Chestnut Street several times today. I think it was the second pass when I realized that there is a stop sign at Chestnut and Grand. There it is, all shiny and red and new. It must have arrived today.

There's a day care on the north west corner. Maybe that's why there's a new stop sign there. There certainly isn't enough traffic on either street to justify traffic control.

Other news of the day, it looks like Willie Moller will be returning home soon. Barb Moller Spear has been cleaning the garage and making plans for a ramp and ordering a conversion van. Don't know when the conversion van will be here, but I hope it arrives before he does! He'll be riding a motorized scooter when he gets here. He's been away for a year now.

Stop Sign Updates!

There's also a stop sign at Third and Grant, and one at Washington and Grant. Don't go being in a hurry to get from Lincoln to Lindsborg Streets!

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