Friday, August 31, 2007

Save the Date

It's a long ways away, but you've got to plan if you're going to show up for important events.

The Raleigh Ringers or Raleigh, North Carolina are coming our way next summer. Their summer tour will bring them close enough that bell choir fans in Lindsborg may want to make a trip to Atchison or Beatrice, Nebraska to hear them.

The group will play Lincoln, NE on June 23, 2008; Beatrice on June 24th and Atchison on the 25th. Mark your calendar now! Save one of those dates! It will be a concert you won't want to miss.

Aside from the rarity of a professional bell choir, this organization has the distinction of counting Bethany alumnus and ringer Audrey Yosai as a member. So, plan to go. It's bells. It's Yosai. An unbeatable combination.

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