Saturday, August 18, 2007

Scenic Byways Post Coming

We drove the new Scenic Byway, from Canton to Ellsworth today. I'm working on a long blog post, probably two blog posts covering the trip.

You probably know the route. North from Canton on 27th Street, or County Road 304 to Roxbury. At Roxbury, take county road 447 west to Business 81. Right on Business 81 north to Kansas 4. Left on Kansas 4 to Kansas 141. North on 141 over Kanapolis dam, to Kansas 140. Left on Kansas 140 to Ellsworth, where both the tour and highway 140 terminate at Kansas 14.

This bare bones description of the route does nothing to tell about what we found there. This picture will tell you more

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Julie-Ann said...

I will have to try that drive. Looks nice. And chances for lots of photos.